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I am excited to welcome you on your journey toward deeper connections with your child without threats, yelling and any of the other meltdowns that might be rearing their ugly head from time to time.
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What My Clients are Saying...

"I am so grateful that I started working with Lisa.  I had been struggling for years to parent my spirited 8 year old with more peacefulness and connection.  I also needed help to let go of the guilt that I was carrying around for every time that I "screwed up" in dealing with my daughter.  Lisa offered wonderful guidance and support but also, and maybe most importantly, tools to move forward toward peaceful parenting.  These tools have not only been helpful to me as a parent, but also to me in my relationship with myself and with others."

Heidi from Iowa

"Lisa is a stellar parenting coach.  I didn’t realize how many opportunities I had to be a more successful parent, until she started coaching me.  Sharing in-depth and heart-centered lessons from her own experiences in a patient and nurturing way helped me and my husband feel supported, understood and open to a new paradigm in parenting.  Lisa has taught our family that well-placed intention and attention can lead to profound shifts within our family.  I could not recommend Lisa and her parent-coaching style enough to other parents, it’s time invested that will certainly reap profound rewards for years to come."

Jeannie from California

"Before I started training with Lisa, I felt like I was always yelling at my child. Now we take the time to work through the situation together. Instead of just reacting, I get curious. I engage with my child to discuss her feelings and seek to understand what she needs.  I’m excited to give my girls this opportunity for openness and communication at such a young age.  I’m really proud of myself for setting this time aside, trying something new and getting my husband on board so we can both be better parents.

Thank you for all you do, you are AMAZING!

E.S. from Arizona

"Before my husband and I started coaching with Lisa, I felt like we were constantly fighting the same battles with our 3 kiddos & resorting to threats (no iPad, no tv, etc). Now that we've learned so many great tools, I think what’s changed most for us is our consistency & not reacting each time something doesn't go as we'd like!  So happy we gave Lisa a go as I feel like the understanding we now have with our children has changed everything for the better. Thank you Lisa for your time, honesty and your many great tools to become the best parents we can!"  

Ali from Colorado

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